The Game Incubator in Brno is a part of the future gamedev education and community center and is created in cooperation with Game Cluster, JIC/KUMST and GameDev Area.

The main goal of the incubator is to provide workspace, education and mentoring for game start-up projects. Its program, beside the training of gamedev skills, focuses primarily on the topic of entrepreneurship in game development. The incubator supports start-up developers, young companies and their projects in overcoming initial obstacles and accelerates their establishment on the global market.


The hard launch is preceded by a pilot phase organized at the KUMST creative hub in Brno. It tests specific elements of the training and mentoring programs (workshops, consultations, networking...) and is conducted on a minimal scale.


The Czech gaming industry has already proven its potential several times, including on a global level. However, it lacks a background that could effectively produce new generations of developers and creatives. The growth of the industry is subdued and it is far from achieving its optimal results. Our proposal to improve this situation is a gamedev education and community center, of which the Game Incubator is a core element. The environment in which it is created and where it operates is crucial for its development. The city of Brno has the best conditions and potential for such a project, thanks to the number of developers per capita, a well-functioning community and a connected ecosystem.


The Incubator offers its participants:

  • Facilities and workspace for teamwork
  • Business knowledge of indie game development
  • Expanding practical gamedev skills
  • Knowledge of how to effectively manage the entire development cycle
  • Individual mentoring from professional experts
  • Support in achieving set development milestones
  • Development of entrepreneurial thinking and thereby increasing the chances of further success
  • Network of contacts and networking opportunities
  • Help with setting up a company
  • Support in the search and entry of investors

Who →

The first runs of the incubator are intended for selected teams of developers who:

  • Are already working together on their own game
  • Want to further develop, complete and market the game
  • See potential in their team beyond a single project
  • Have the ambition to work as an independent development studio in the future
  • Are willing to put time and effort into their game and team development
  • Want to use the facilities and workspace of the incubator

Teams currently participating in the incubator program are listed on our website (in czech).


Do not hesitate to contact us at inkubator@herniklastr.cz